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Customer success stories are the best way to get your business noticed.
Nudgetool helps you get a head start on customer success stories.


No developer needed. Just copy-paste the code-snippet and you're ready to get started.

Automate it.

Identifies happy customers automatically and sends them a friendly nudge to get reviews.


Follow up with your customers and communicate in-product without being intrusive. Everyone will love it!


Step 1

Create a nudge and configure
custom happy moments.

Step 2

Nudge listens to your
customers happy moments by
connecting to your favorite
apps via Zapier

Step 3

Nudge alerts customers when
they have positive experiences
with your product, which
makes it easy for them
to leave a positive review.

Best time to start collecting reviews is right now.

Getting customer stories and reviews is a fundamental step toward getting your ship headed in the right direction.

Product direction

Get the most out of your business by collecting insights that help you grow and prosper.

Best marketing

Customer reviews are more effective than any other social media post for getting your message across.

Prepare for Scale

Your enterprise customers rely on reviews before buying. Why not keep them ready?

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